Wang Wei Net Worth (Updated 2024)

What is Wang Wei’s Net Worth?

Wang Wei, a prominent Chinese entrepreneur, has an estimated net worth of $13.5 billion. Wang Wei’s fortune primarily stems from his ownership of S.F. Holding, the parent company of SF Express, which is China’s largest parcel delivery company. He holds a 65% stake in S.F. Holding and a 99.9% stake in Shenzhen Mingde Holdings Development, which further consolidates his control over the logistics giant.

SF Express, founded in 1993, has grown from a small courier service into a multinational corporation with over 400,000 employees and extensive operations across China and internationally.

The company’s success has been driven by its ability to provide efficient and reliable delivery services, akin to the U.S.-based FedEx. SF Express has expanded its reach beyond China to include regions such as Southeast Asia, Europe, and the United States. This expansion has been supported by a fleet of cargo aircraft and a vast network of service centers.

Despite his immense wealth and the public interest in his business achievements, Wang Wei maintains a low profile. He is known for avoiding media attention and rarely appears in public, a trait that has contributed to his enigmatic persona in the business world.

His strategic decisions, such as bringing in outside investors and taking his company public in 2017, have played a crucial role in the growth and valuation of SF Express.

Here’s the breakdown of Wang Wei’s net worth:


Wang Wei

Net Worth:

$13.5 Billion

Date of Birth:

October 1970



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Wang Wei Net Worth

Early Life

Wang Wei, also known as Dick Wang, was born in October 1970 in Shanghai, China. His father worked as a Russian language translator for the Chinese Air Force, while his mother was a university professor.

When Wang was seven years old, his family relocated to Hong Kong, where he completed his primary and secondary education. Instead of pursuing higher education, Wang chose to enter the workforce directly, starting his career in the manufacturing sector.


Wang Wei’s professional career began in the print and dyeing factories of Shunde District, Foshan, a commercial hub in Guangdong province. During the early 1990s, he identified a significant logistical challenge: factories in Shunde faced long delays in shipping samples to Hong Kong-based buyers. To address this issue, Wang founded ShunFeng Express (now SF Express) as a small courier service with just six employees.

Under Wang’s leadership, SF Express grew rapidly. By 2017, it had become a multinational courier service with over 400,000 employees. The company expanded its services beyond express delivery to include warehousing management, sales forecasting, big data analysis, and financial management.

SF Express has consistently ranked first in customer satisfaction among express delivery firms in China since 2009.

Personal Life

Wang Wei resides in Shenzhen, China. Despite his immense wealth and success, he maintains a relatively low profile in the public eye. His focus remains on the strategic planning and business direction of SF Holding.

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