Real-Time Billionaires List

The wealthiest 1 percent own nearly two-thirds of all the money in the world. Their wealth continues to grow every day.

Our real-time billionaires list keeps track of and displays information about the wealthiest individuals’ fortunes. The list of billionaires is sorted by their net worth.

It’s free, accessible to everyone, and you can view it at any time.

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Our Real-Time Billionaires List keep track of the changes in the wealth of the world’s richest individuals.

This platform continuously updates the net worth and ranking of each person confirmed to be a billionaire.

The value of individuals’ public holdings gets updated every day.

If someone’s wealth is mainly tied to private companies, their net worth is updated once a week.

If an individual owns a significant stake (20% or more of their net worth) in a private company, the company’s value is adjusted using an industry- or region-specific market index provided by FactSet Research Systems when available.

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Meet The Team

Our platform is powered by a team of finance experts who are passionate about uncovering the net worth of the wealthiest individuals. 

We collect both public and insider information to calculate their net worth. We are dedicated to providing accurate estimates and precise numbers.

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