Simon Reuben Net Worth (Updated 2024)

What is Simon Reuben’s Net Worth?

Simon Reuben, along with his brother David, has an estimated net worth of $9.39 billion. Their fortune stems primarily from real estate investments, technology ventures, and a diverse portfolio of business interests. The brothers have shown a keen ability to identify lucrative opportunities across various sectors, from metals trading in their early careers to substantial property acquisitions in prime locations around the world.

The brothers are known for their strategic approach to wealth management, often holding significant liquid assets and maintaining a debt-free status for many of their investments. This financial strategy has allowed them to weather economic fluctuations and capitalize on new opportunities as they arise. 

Despite their immense wealth, the Reuben brothers, including Simon, are known for maintaining a relatively low profile, focusing on business growth and philanthropic efforts rather than public attention.

Here’s the breakdown of Simon Reuben’s net worth:


Simon Reuben

Net Worth:

$9.39 Billion

Date of Birth:




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Simon Reuben Net Worth

Early Life

Simon Reuben was born in 1944 in Bombay (now Mumbai), India, to Jewish parents of Iraqi origin. His father had moved to India from Iraq to work in the textile industry. In the 1950s, following his parents’ separation, Simon moved to London with his mother, older brother David, and grandmother. 

Growing up in Islington, North London, Simon attended state schools but did not complete his formal education. This humble beginning laid the foundation for Simon’s future business acumen and drive to succeed.


Simon Reuben started in the carpet industry, eventually buying out England’s oldest carpet company and using the profits to invest in property. In the 1970s, Simon joined forces with his brother David to establish Trans-World Metals, which became a major player in the global metals market.

The brothers’ most significant business coup came in the 1990s when they invested heavily in the Russian metals market, particularly aluminum. This move made them one of the world’s largest aluminum producers and significantly boosted their wealth. By 2000, they had sold most of their Russian assets and pivoted to focus on the UK property market.

Today, Simon and David’s business empire spans real estate, private equity, and technology investments. Their property portfolio includes prime locations in London, New York, and other major cities worldwide.

Personal Life

Simon Reuben is married and has one child. Simon splits his time between residences in Monaco and London, with additional homes on the French Riviera.

Known for his analytical mind and investment acumen, Simon is often described as the “investor” of the Reuben brothers duo. He reportedly does all calculations in his head, eschewing calculators and computers.

Simon, along with his brother David, is actively involved in philanthropy through the Reuben Foundation, which focuses on healthcare and education initiatives. 

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