Elaine Marshall Net Worth (Updated 2024)

What is Elaine Marshall’s Net Worth?

Elaine Marshall is an American billionaire heiress with a net worth estimated at $25.3 billion. Her fortune primarily derives from her significant stake in Koch Industries, where she serves as a director. Koch Industries is a conglomerate with diverse operations in oil, commodities, forestry products, and chemicals, generating annual revenues of about $125 billion. Elaine Marshall’s stake in the company is estimated to be around 14.6% to 16%, although there are conflicting reports about the exact percentage.

Here’s the breakdown of Elaine Marshall’s net worth:


Elaine Marshall

Net Worth:

$25.3 Billion

Date of Birth:

Jul 22, 1942


Entrepreneur, Businessperson

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Elaine Marshall

Early Life

Elaine Tettemer Marshall was born on July 22, 1942. Details about her early life are relatively sparse, but it is known that she married E. Pierce Marshall in 1965. E. Pierce Marshall was the son of J. Howard Marshall II, a key figure in the history of Koch Industries. This marriage would later play a crucial role in her financial standing and involvement in Koch Industries.

Business Career

Elaine Marshall’s business career is closely tied to Koch Industries, one of the largest privately held companies in the United States. Koch Industries has diverse operations in oil, commodities, forestry products, and chemicals, generating annual revenues of about $125 billion.

Elaine Marshall inherited her stake in Koch Industries from her late husband, E. Pierce Marshall, who passed away in 2006. E. Pierce Marshall had inherited a 16% stake in Koch Industries from his father, J. Howard Marshall II. Upon his death, this stake was transferred to trusts benefiting Elaine and her sons. Elaine Marshall’s stake in Koch Industries is estimated to be around 14.6% to 16%.

She serves as a director on the board of Koch Industries. Her involvement in the company has been significant, given the company’s size and influence. Koch Industries is involved in various sectors, including oil refining, chemicals, and manufacturing, and has several subsidiaries like Georgia-Pacific, Invista, Flint Hills Resources, and Molex.

Personal Life

Elaine Marshall resides in Dallas, Texas. She has two sons, Preston Marshall and E. Pierce Marshall Jr., and several grandchildren. Her life has been marked by significant legal battles, particularly those involving her father-in-law, J. Howard Marshall II, and his marriage to Anna Nicole Smith.

These legal disputes included high-profile cases that reached the U.S. Supreme Court, ultimately resulting in Anna Nicole Smith not receiving any portion of the Marshall family fortune.

Legal Issues

Elaine Marshall was involved in several legal cases following the death of her father-in-law, J. Howard Marshall II. These cases included Stern v. Marshall and Marshall v. Marshall, which revolved around claims to the Marshall estate by Anna Nicole Smith. Elaine was appointed executor and trustee of her husband’s estate in 2006, and she played a crucial role in managing the legal battles that ensued.

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